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"The Company" refers to Signal Chain Production Services Limited, signalchain.io, or signalcha.in. Business address: 15 Cliveden Road, LONDON, SW19 3RD, registered in England & Wales with company number 14144890.


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Unless otherwise agreed in advance, the term set out on all our invoices is 28 business days. If you cannot settle the entirety of the quoted total within that term please make us aware of this prior to engaging on a job, and, depending on the parameters of the job, we will do our best to adapt to your preference.

We may stipulate that invoices are made pro-forma; in this instance our team will not commence work on any project until full payment of the billed amount is received – the project start date will be the business day following payment receipt.

Unless agreed in advance, all invoice payments must be made no later than 17:00 UTC on the 28th business day following the invoice date.


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